We’re back! Tuesday 15th September

We will be holding our first ‘official’ Derwent Runners club night since March this coming Tuesday, the 15th September. Later on today, you will receive an invitation by Facebook and email to sign up for a run on that evening. It won’t be like a ‘normal’ DR Tuesday run – we will be in groups of 6 maximum, there will be staggered start times and different starting locations. Unfortunately, it is possible that not everybody will be able to run each week – to comply with England Athletics guidelines, we MUST have an EA qualified run leader leading each group, and this week we only have 8 available. If you cannot get a place on a run this week, you can put your name on the reserve list for your favoured distance/pace, and you will be put on the list for next week (or bumped up to this week if someone drops out before Tuesday).

This week, the groups will be as follows:

2 x Recovery runs from the Rugby Club – 6:30 pm and 7:15 pm

2 x 4 mile runs from the Rugby Club – 6:45 pm (10 min/mile pace) and 7:00 pm (12 min/mile pace)

2 x Steady 6 mile runs from Chester Green Community Centre – 6:45 pm (9.5 min/mile pace) and 7:00 pm (10.5 min/mile pace)

2 x 8.5 min/mile 6 mile runs from Darley Park Drive Car Park – 6:30 pm and 6:45

The route this week will be our Allestree route (see website for details). It will be run in reverse, ie clockwise, to help with social distancing between groups leaving from different locations.


Please read the information below.

Before coming to the run – All runners must undergo a self-assessment for any Covid-19- symptoms. No-one should attend a club event if they, or someone they are in close contact with, has any of the following:

  • Recently tested positive for COVID-19
  • A high temperature (above 37.8°C)
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste.

This check should be done prior to each event. Should an individual have demonstrated any such symptoms, they must not participate. Everyone should comply with public health restrictions and avoid high-risk behaviour outside the club setting to reduce the risk to fellow participants.

At all times – Runners should maintain a social distance with each other, and the public, where possible of two metres. Runners should also practice good hygiene measures, such as:

  • Avoid touching hand to face where possible
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with crook of elbow/ shoulder if required
  • Avoid spitting, ‘nasal blows’, high-fives, or engaging in any other non-essential contact.
  • Avoid sharing devices / materials (for example mobile phones)

Gathering for the run -. Information about the start location (and then specific location within that general location) and start time will be given on Eventbrite upon sign-up. Groups will be leaving PROMPTLY – if it says 7:00 pm, it means 7:00 pm, not our usual 7:15/7:20. Please arrive no more than ten minutes before departure time, and stay in your car or away from other runners until just before your run. Please arrive in your running kit and remember to sanitise your hands (using your own sanitiser) upon arrival/prior to arrival. To enable social distancing, please gather outside, away from building entrances and public thoroughfares. Because of the prompt departures to minimise the risk of meeting other groups along the route, there will be no warmup. Please arrive ready warmed-up, or warm-up in a responsible fashion during the waiting time.

If your assigned meeting place for your run group is the Rugby Club, they are happy for us to use their facilities i.e. toilets and hand washing.  Please ensure you use their one-way system, sign-in and follow their safety measures.

The run – Information about the route and the special arrangements required because of Covid-19 will be available on event sign-up on Eventbrite, and by email and Facebook. Run leaders will reinforce the main safety points prior to the run start.

Run routes have been selected/adapted to minimise potential pinch points with members of the public (narrow alleyways, busy locations etc) and obstacles requiring touch interaction (gates, stiles etc). 

To maintain the required social distance, you may be required to:

  • Run single file
  • Wait/move out of the way to let members of the public (or other run groups) to pass
  • Take avoidance routes around locations with potential hazards (including members of public)

All groups are running similar routes; in the event your group is caught by another group, the run leaders will simply find a suitable spot to move out of the way and let them pass. “Mustering” whilst maintaining social distancing may not be possible in many situations; if this is the case, please simply wait for your fellow runners at a suitable location.

After the run – All participants are required to maintain social distancing after the event. Please leave your event promptly to minimise the risk of meeting other groups.

If you are found to be COVID-19 positive within 14 days of attending a Derwent Runners event, please email derwentrunnersderby@gmail.com immediately to let us know. By signing up to an official Derwent Runners run, it is assumed that consent is given for members’ contact details to be made known for Track and Trace purposes.

The Rugby Club are happy to welcome us back for a post-run drink but please remember to follow their COVID-19 guidelines.

In event of emergency – Run leaders will be carrying a first aid kit and a phone. The first aid kit will include at least two pairs of gloves, several face masks and hand sanitiser (for use in emergencies only). We ask all runners to carry their own mask if at all possible. In the event of an emergency, first aid should be administered, and external assistance summoned if required, largely as normal. Do what you need to do to help the casualty.

However, a few additional considerations are advised:

  • Minimise the number of people treating a casualty;
  • Can the casualty reasonably treat themselves without assistance? E.g. applying a plaster;
  • Participants not directly involved in treatment to stand well away;
  • If treatment is required, both casualty and those treating the casualty should wear face masks and gloves, if practical;
  • Minimise shared contact with surfaces, for example, first aid equipment and phones.

Any incidents involving first aid treatment should be reported after the run.

Risk assessments for our club runs and using the Rugby Club will be posted shortly on the website.

We look forward to seeing you all soon – if not this Tuesday, then hopefully in the coming weeks.

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