Next Pub Run – Tuesday 23rd July (No run from Rugby Club)

During Spring and Summer we organise “pub runs” for every third Tuesday, where we meet at a pub at the usual time, and, after a run, have sandwiches and chips, and maybe a drink. We have a few routes which we have run a number of times, but it is good to do different routes.

Our fifth run of the summer will be on Tuesday 23rd July from where we will have a 4 mile and a 6 mile route. THERE WILL BE NO RUN FROM THE RUGBY CLUB ON THAT EVENING APART FROM THE FINAL COUCH 2 5K. The run will be from the Bluebell at Farnah Green, near Belper, DE56 2UP.

If you are a member and would like food. , please see the email that has gone out. Otherwise, member or not, just turn up for a run and a drink.

If you fancy organising a subsequent pub run, you may want to think about the following things. The starting point is a pub, preferably not more than 20 minutes drive from Derby, that is willing to provide sandwiches and chips (or alternative) for 40 people for no more than £5. 40+ extra customers on a Tuesday is for many pubs a big incentive to say “yes”. Outside seating is a bonus, but as fine weather can’t be guaranteed, room indoors/under cover for 40 extra customers is also important. And a rural setting or with nearby access to field footpaths, trails, woods or public parks is the other requirement, as the idea is to get away from traffic and do something different!
When you have sorted a venue, then comes planning 6-mile and 4-mile routes; as far as possible off-road. Fortunately we are blessed with many thousands of miles of footpaths and bridleways in this country. If need be, other club members, including myself, will be willing to help with this aspect.
PLEASE give it some thought, and if you haven’t got time to organise yourself, suggest a pub that you think might be suitable, and I will investigate.

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