Grand Prix

For first claim members of the club
Run at least 8 races from the list (minimum of 1 from each category)
Within those 8 races, try each race category at least once
Points awarded for your finishing position amongst other first claim Hoops of each gender (first place is awarded 30 & reduced by 1 point each following place – 5 points for 26-30th places).

Results on chip time if possible
No limit to the number of events you can run
Your final points tally is made up of your best 8 results with one result from each category included.

Most races are standalone events which only run once, but the Darley parkrun and the Midweek races run multiple times through the season. For these, it will be your season best time, on which the results are based, so you can keep going back and trying to improve at these events. For the relay events it will be your own leg time, rather than the team time that counts.

Comments and results mistakes should be emailed to Matt (within 2 wks)

Good luck and enjoy the season!