Grand Prix

The Hoops Grand Prix is an in-club challenge and championship that takes place throughout the membership year.  It encourages members to represent the club, support the local race scene and to try new types of race.  It also adds some friendly competition to proceedings.

More information on the rules and a full race list is below, but to summarise the races are categorised into four groups, based on length and terrain.  To finish the Grand Prix challenge you have to complete at least one race in each of the categories and for this year 7 races in total.  You’re also scored for your race position relative to all the other Hoops in the race and those points are totaled up at the end of the season, to find our champions, but every finisher gets a medal too.

The main changes for this season are:

  • A lightly smaller set of races to allow us more time to provide you all with regular updates.
  • A new race, the FourRunner, which is a club event that we’re planning to run as a test event this year and you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the future.
  • The parkrun event will now be your best time from one of four specific Markeaton parkruns run though the year (in June, September, December and March next year).  We’ll remind you of these nearer the time, so don’t worry.
  • I now have an official Grand Prix helper, so Pippa and I will both be happy to answer any questions at club nights.

How it works…

The Hoops Grand Prix is a points-based championship for club members, where the main aim is to accumulate the greatest number of points over the season. However the Grand Prix is also a challenge for all members to push themselves and complete a set of races over a range of distances and terrain throughout the club membership year.

Scoring points…

Scoring points is as simple as entering the races, turning up and running. We work out the scores from the race results for you. In terms of the Grand Prix it is only your position relative to other Hoops that matters – 30 ponts going to the first Hoop and reducing by one point for every place after, until 26th place, where everyone from that point on gets 5 points. There is a separate women’s and men’s competition.

Races and categories…

The race which count for the new season are:

  1. Derby 10k
  2. Peat Pits
  3. Sinfin Classic (10k)
  4. Ramathon (HM)
  5. Hairy Helmet (4 x 2M)
  6. Belper River Relays
  7. Little Eaton 5M
  8. Markeaton parkun (July 14th)
  9. Colin Potter 10k
  10. Tara Kinder 10k
  11. Piggs Trophy 10k
  12. FourRunner
  13. Wilne 10k
  14. Calke Abbey 10k
  15. Markeaton parkun (Sept 29th)
  16. Notts Half Marathon
  17. Shelton Striders 10k
  18. League XC – Race 1
  19. Worksop Half Marathon
  20. Derby 10M
  21. League XC – Race 2
  22. Heanor Pudding Run (10k)
  23. League XC – Race 3
  24. Turkey Trot
  25. League XC – Race 4
  26. Markeaton parkun (Dec 22nd)
  27. League XC – Race 5
  28. League XC – Race 6
  29. League XC – Race 7
  30. Ashby 20
  31. Great Northern 10k
  32. Great Northern Half Marathon
  33. Markeaton parkun (March 30th)
  34. Derby Midweek 5k
  35. Derby Midweek 1M

The races are categorised into four groups which cover different distances and terrains:

White (grey text), black and blue categories are predominantly on-road but sometimes include some trail. The green category is the home of the generally muddier and harder off-road courses.

To complete the Grand Prix you have to complete one race in each category and then three other races as well, for a total of 7. If you complete more, we take your best set of results.

Most of the races are simple one-off events but there are a few exceptions:

  • In relay events it is your leg time that counts and if you run on multiple teams, only your best will count.
  • The David Denton Midweek races count between the September and March events and it will be your season best times that will count
  • The Markeaton parkrun result will be your best time from four specific parkrun events throughout the year (see list above for dates).