Club Kit

Our Club Kit is available to buy from our Kit Officer (Carolyn) on Tuesday nights. Most sizes are available but please contact her to check if it is anything outside of S, M or L.

Cross Country

This year we are in a smaller satellite league run by Dave Mann from Derby Runner. The main points of interest are: 1. This is a team event. There are 13 clubs competing in this league. 2. There is no limit to the number of runners a club can enter. 3. The first 8 men [...]

Grand Prix

The Hoops Grand Prix is an in-club challenge and championship that takes place throughout the membership year.  It encourages members to represent the club, support the local race scene and to try new types of race.  It also adds some friendly competition to proceedings. More information on the rules and a full race list is below, but […]

Run Leaders

Under the rule of 6 Club Runs are led by one run leader to 5 runners. Under normal circumstances, we have two run leaders on each of our led runs on a Tuesday and Thursday, at least one of whom will have official UKA Run Leader accreditation. If you’re interested in becoming a run leader […]